UPDATED: July 08/2017

2017 Results         English Day

Date: July 6 (Western) & 7 (English) 
Silver Sage Community Corral, Brooks AB - Range Rd 145, Newell County No. 4, AB T0J 3K0

              Click HERE for Map TIME:  Registration at 8:00 a.m. Both Days  Start Time at 9:00 a.m. Both Days

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              Must also fill out Regional Registration form

Participants may enter in as many classes as they are eligible for.

This competition will use the AEF Rose rule book.  Available at www.albertaequestrian.com  Also note that the helmet exception rule AEF 1.13 will be honored (Adult western riders are encouraged to, but not required to wear an approved helmet.  Heeled footwear anywhere on grounds while mounted will be enforced.)  Dressage rules are by Cadora and Western Styles Dressage Association of Canada (WSDAC)

Amateur status is required. Amateur, an individual above the age of 18 that does not get paid for riding or coaching. Certain scholarships, bursaries and sponsorships are allowed.




14 and under - Age Divisions A and B are Combined 



15 and over - Age divisions C and D are Combined 

E - JUNIOR HORSE - Horse to be 5 years of age or less, Rider to be any age, PeeWee and Junior riders extremely discouraged from riding Junior horses.  Snaffle Bits or bosals are acceptable for Junior horses, two hands permitted on reins with THESE bits ONLY. 

F.- NOVICE RIDER - is anyone who has NEVER placed first or second at any show - English, Western, Trail, Dressage, Jumping, etc.  Your honor is the determinant here. Also note that this division is not available in all classes, just to give an opportunity to newer show riders.  May cross enter except walk/Trot classes 

Open - All Classes Combined A, B, C, D, E, F

Some classes are defined by rider age only - 14 and under, and 15 and over.  

Walk / Trot Classes Open to competitors of any age, in their first or second year of riding.  Entrants in these classes cannot cross enter with any other classes except showmanship. 






  1. Showmanship PeeWee  B. Junior     C.  Intermediate     D.  Senior
  2. Pleasure Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 14 and under         
  3. PleasureWalk / Trot Beginner Rider -   15 and over        
  4. Equitation Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 14 and under  
  5. EquitationWalk / Trot Beginner Rider - 15 and over     
  6. Pleasure -  A,B,C,D,E,F
  7. Equitation - A,B,C,D,E,F

Western Dressage - (Ring 2 - to be completed by 2:00 or as entries allow, please compete at your convenience.  Rings will NOT be held.)  Rules for this class and tests available at WSDAC (Western Style ressage Association Of Canada)

  1. Western DressageWalk / Trot - Introductory Level - Test A - Open
  2. Western Dressage- Basic Level - Test A                     Open
  3. Western Dressage - Level 1 - Test A                           Open
  4. Trail Horse - (Ring 2 - to be completed by 3:00 or as entries allow, please compete at your convenience. Rings will NOT be held.)  A,B,C,D,E,F
  5. Command Class (judged by best performance, not necessarily last to perform task) A,B,C,D
  6. Matched Pairs - All Ages Walk, Trot, Lope       Open
  7. Reining -14 and Under                        
  8. Reining - 15 and Over          
  9. Barrel Racing  PeeWee   B. Junior     C.  Intermediate     D.  Senior
  10. Pole Bending  A.PeeWee   Junior   C.  Intermediate     D.  Senior 
  11. Keyhole Race  A.PeeWee     B.  Junior    Intermediate     D.  Senior 





21.Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 14 and under       

22.Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 15 and over        

23.Pleasure  Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 14 and under      

24.Walk / Trot Beginner Rider - 15 and over        

25.Pleasure A,B,C,D,E,F

26.Equitation A,B,C,D,E,F

English Dressage - (Ring 2 - to be completed by 3:00 or as entries allow, please compete at your convenience.  Rings will NOT be held.)

27.Beginning Rider CADORA Walk/ Trot Level B- All Ages            Open

28.Training CADORA TEST B - All ages Open

29.1st level CADORA TEST B - All ages                                Open

30.Command Class A. PeeWee     B.  Junior     C.  Intermediate     D.  Senior 

Jumping/Over fence classes - Horses may enter two consecutive height levels only. 

Equitation over Fences

  1. Cross Rails to 18” - 14 and under   

32.Cross Rails to 18” - 15 and over     

  1. 2’ Maximum - 14 and under          
  2. 2’ Maximum - 15 and over            
  3. 2’6” Maximum - 14 and under       
  4. 2’6” Maximum - 15 and

 Jumper Classes - ALL AGES Two rounds per class

(if time and entries allow - otherwise one round), cumulative score for placings, jump off may be offered.

  1. 2’ Maximum                    Open
  2. 2’3 Maximum                  Open
  3. 2’6 Maximum                  Open
  4. 2’9 Maximum                  Open

41.3’ Maximum                    Open


Regional Representation:
•Open registration
•Participants are eligible to participate in as many Equestrian events as they choose

1.   No stallions allowed in the competition.
2.   Amateur status is required.

Rules and Regulations:

All registrations including registration fees and signed consent forms are done through your local Regional Director, who will determine your Regional Deadline.  The games committee has a registration deadline of June 3, 2017.  Late registrations may or may not be accepted, depending on entries and at the sole discretion of the Host Community Committee. 

PLEASE NOTE:  In the spirit of good sportsmanship, classes may be split, merged, combined or canceled to accommodate reasonable class sizes.  Please include your age as of January 1, 2017 on your entry form so the show committee can prepare efficiently.  The Equestrian entry form can be found on the Prize List and is to be filled out as well as the SASG entry form. 

  1. Competition to be governed by the Alberta Equestrian Federation Wild Rose Rulebook 2017 edition. This rule book can be found at com  Tests and rules of Western Style Dressage Association Of Canada (WSDAC) may be found at ca  English Dressage Tests available at CADORA
  2. “For safety and insurance purposes, all riders, regardless of age or level, must wear ASTM/SEI, BSI/BS EN or AS/NZS approved protective headgear at all times when mounted (exception, see Section 1.13)” Section 1.13 states  “Junior competitors are required to wear approved helmets while mounted. The AEF highly recommends that senior riders wear approved helmets as well. Competitors must wear appropriate western attire, including a shirt with long sleeves and collar, western hat (adults only) or helmet, western pant with belt, and cowboy boots. If worn, the western hat must be on the rider’s head when the competitor enters the arena. Spurs, chaps, and gloves are optional. Showmanship competitors may wear either Western or English attire. Boot/shoes worn while riding anywhere on the competition grounds must have a distinguishable heel. 
  3. The Host Community along with the Equestrian Chairman reserve the right to decide any point not covered by the rules, and corrects any errors or makes any necessary alterations in the rules: it shall be referred to as the Host Community Committee and that decision shall be final. 
  4. The Host Community Committee reserve the right to reject any entry at any time for disrespect of the rules, intoxication, rough treatment of animals or for any other reason. 
  5. No person other than the officials, stewards, attendants on duty, and the judges may enter the ring without permission - with the exception of contestants 6 years of age and under who may have a helper. 
  6. Gate announcements are a courtesy call only. It is up to the competitor to be ready for their class.  The main ring will not be held for riders competing in the other ring.
  7. The arena equipment required for a class may not be used for practicing before the event begins, under penalty of disqualification from that event. 
  8. A contestant may enter more than one horse in a class, unless the class involves showmanship or rail work. Horses may be shared within these limits:  The number of times a horse can compete in an event will be 2 (with a different rider), excluding showmanship where horses may not be shared in same class. The number of times a horse can compete over fences will be limited to 2 times in each class with different riders, with a total of 8 over fences rounds, not including jump offs. 
  9. Contestants are requested to report scratches as soon as possible. 
  10. Proper attire and equipment must be used at all times in the ring. 
  11. Junior Horses (2 years to 4 years old) may be ridden with two hands on the reins, if using a snaffle bit or bosal.Senior Horses (6 years and older) must be shown with one hand on the reins, except with romal reins, then standard AEF rules apply.  Bitless bridles are acceptable but must be used with one hand on Senior horses.  Mechanical hackamores are not permitted. 
  12. Horses may wear leg protection for reining, Western speed events, and Jumper classes.
  13. An unruly horse may be excused from the ring at the discretion of the judge. Stallions are not permitted at this show.  
  14. Every horse/rider will be assigned a number which must be visible and worn in each class. Classes involving rail work require number to be placed on the riders back.  Any participant using the wrong number in the ring or having no number will not be judged and may be excused from the class.  Numbers will be available to be picked up at registration.  Bridle numbers are permitted in individually judged classes. 
  15. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, it is hoped there will be no cause for dispute. However, in the unlikely event it is deemed necessary, the rules of AEF will apply “Disputes 2 a)Objections must be made to the Show Secretary of the competition in writing and accompanied by a deposit of $50 no later than half an hour after the occurrence which gave rise to the objection, or where marks are concerned, within one hour of the issue of such marks. The deposit is forfeit unless the objection is upheld. b. The decision of the Ground Jury is final.” 

Other Information: 

The Silver Sage Arena has a NO DOGS ALLOWED rule. For stabling and overnight parking, please contact Mallory at the Silver Sage Community Corral directly at Silversagecorral.com 

The Show grounds are available for warm up and arena practice for one hour prior to the show each day, and may be available after the first days classes are completed and the arena cleared if necessary. Silver Sage Arena Rules and Regulations will apply regarding unsupervised horses. No lingering is permitted where other horses are being ridden or hand walked.  More information regarding use of the Silver Sage Corral and Grounds will be available when registering, or as it is available to us.  Wednesday night riding is available by contacting the arena directly.  Drop in rates apply.   Contact Shirley Pickett by e-mail spur@eidnet.org for questions regarding the show

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